Nomao App for iOS

Download Nomao Camera App for iOS ( iPhone iPad iPod )

Some iOS users want a different camera App for their iOS Devices for long days. So here we will introduce Nomao Camera App for iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. which will work in all these devices. This is one type of prank app through which you can watch the area behind any object in a particular range. The wave length of the camera is covering in a particular range of area and thus you can view the behind scene of any object easily. The mobile screen is used to view the object using your phone integrated camera lens.

This is the actual place through which you can the information of this app clearly. So in this topic we will discuss about the downloading, installing and how to use this Nomao App iOS for your devices. Besides these we will discuss about the features of this app, so let’s start the discussion about it.

How to download Nomao for iOS and How to Install it?

This is the complete guide about the steps to start download Nomao iOS app for your devices. Look at the below points to learn the downloading process of this camera app.

  • Open any one of the browser and search to download the Nomao App for your iOS device. Otherwise you can click on this LINK to start download the latest version of Nomao App for iOS.
  • When you click on the above link it will automatically redirect you to the download page and click to download the file on your laptop or direct in your iPhone, iPod or iPad etc.
  • Wait till the downloading will be completed successfully depending on your internet speed.
  • After downloading completed the file will save on your device memory or if you did by PC then it will save in the download folder of your PC.


Now after completing the download process it is the time to start install this app on your iOS devices. Let’s go through the points to start install it.

  • At first if you download this file via your PC then copy the file in your iPhone using iTunes. Otherwise the file will get save in your phone memory if you download it directly in your phone.
  • Now open the file on your phone and Click to start install it. Wait for few seconds until the installation process has been completed successfully.
  • The app icon will be create don your home screen. Now your app is ready to use on your iOS devices.

Features of Nomao Camera App:

Nomao App for iOS
Nomao App for iOS

Some of the features which are provided while using this app on your phone are mentioned below. So please read out the points before using it.

  • This app is supported in some of the iOS devices like iPad, iPod (latest model), iPhone 3GS/4/4S/SE/5/6/6 Plus/7/7 Plus.
  • The user interface of this app is very much simple to use.
  • You can make funny X-ray of objects from a preferred range.
  • This is a type of prank app which we guess in real.
  • For some security reason this app is not available in official store of iOS so you can go through the above link to download it safely.

Hope this information will help you all in every steps to install and download free Nomao App for iPhone and other iOS devices. Those who want some new camera app for iOS then definitely go for it. But this is not an actual photography app so you just use it for Prank only as we informed you earlier. If you want any actual camera app for you iPhone then definitely go to the iTunes store to get it now. So that’s it for the Nomao App which you can use as a prank app on your iOS.

full version of nomao camera apk

Nomao Camera APK Full Version for Android Mobile

There are different types of camera applications available on Google Play Store but the Nomao app is somewhat different. With the help of this app, you can actually see the things behind the object. To do that you simply need to open the app and place focus it on your desired place and then you can see the outcome. But due to some technical issue on some android device, this app does not work. So to make it work we have to get the Nomao Camera APK. There are different versions of the Nomao Apk but here we will be discussing about Full version Nomao APK 2017.

The steps to download the Nomao APK is very easy. Most importantly the steps are trusted and tried which means you can use it without any worries. So now let’s head towards the Download and Install stage of the APK file.

Easy Guide to download the APK file of Nomao APK

Nomao Camera APK Full Version
Nomao Camera APK Full Version

Shown below is the process to download Nomao APK on your Android device. Before going to the download please do not forget to do the demanded changes on your Android device.

  • To start the steps you have to visit the Android device’s settings and then head for the option of the Unknown When you will be there you have to enable the option.
  • Once enabled means you have made the way to download the APK file of Nomao on your device.
  • When this stage will be done you have to prepare for the download stage. Now for free Nomao APK download click HERE.
  • Once you have clicked on the link the download process will initiate automatically.
  • It might take some time to download so do not interrupt the download process.
  • Now as the file download is completed change the place and keep it in an easy location so that it can be found during installation.
  • Now begin the installation process.

This was how you can download Nomao for Android. Now let’s head for the installation process.

Installation of Nomao Camera Apk:

Here we will show you how to fully get the Nomao APK for Android device.

  • To start up with the installation process go to the same location where the file APK file was kept.
  • Now when the file is found click on the file. Clicking on it will automatically begin the installation process.
  • The process of installation might take some time so do not cancel the process.
  • While the nomao APK for Android will be in the process you will see many permissions. These should be accepted or else the installation won’t get completed.
  • Once this process gets over you will get theNomao APK full version on your device easily.
  • Now on the home screen, you will notice the shortcut icon. Click on that to get started with.

So these were the crucial steps to download and install the Nomao full APK version. The steps are very easy and trusted so feel free to try those. Now let’s have a look on the features of this app.

Important Features of Nomao Camera Apk

full version of nomao camera apk
full version of nomao camera apk

After the nomao camera APK download, we are here to discuss about the vital features about this app. So let’s begin.

  • This app has a very handy and smooth interface which means the app is very easy to use.
  • This app uses morphed images which do the main work. You simply need to focus the camera on any particular object within a range and you are done. You will see the actual behind the object
  • The best way for fun is when done on any human it shows the person as naked. Though it is not real but it seems fun.
  • There is an option for the X-ray to which just elevate the fell of fun.

So these presented features are for the Nomao camera apk for Android. Not only the feature, we have also mentioned the download and installation process too which will help you to get the app. Now just follow these instructions to get the app on your device.

download nomao camera app

Get Nomao Camera Application for Mobile Devices (Android, iOS)

X ray machines are very common nowadays. But do you know how to use it? Well, you really need to be the technician who can know the application of this machine. What if you are given an application in your mobile camera that allows the camera to work just like the X ray machine? Excited? Well in here I will be delegating you to such an exciting app that has such wonderful power to perform the x ray of any object within a definite wavelength of light.

Nomao app is basically a smart phone app that was initially introduced its usage for Android platforms. But gradually, the popularity of the app got contagious to the iPhone users too.

Nomao Camera Application for Mobile
Nomao Camera Application for Mobile

There are loads and loads of debates regarding the usage of the app for genuine reasons. But in here as we are not discussing the ethical components of the app in particular so let us focus on knowing the app more by exploring it. Down below you will get enough knowledge regarding what the app is and how does it work for your hand set. Never mind if such a unique app did not ever cross your mind. That is the reason why this app has been chosen to be discussed with you. The different segment tackles your every query related to the app with ease and comforts you with the viable logical answers.

Nomao app: What is Nomao app?

Let us get started with the topic by introducing what the app is all about. Nomao Camera app 2017 is an advanced application developed for not only your smart phones but smart devices as well. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In short, it maintained the usage coverage for every smart user. The main purpose of this application is to view any hidden object within a certain wave length of light.

download nomao camera app
download nomao camera app

For science, object means living or non-living. Thus, you have the every viable scope or opportunity to take up an exciting x ray of anything that comes within the particular wave length of your device’s camera. It is a scientifically advanced smart phone application with varied reasons to be used for. The functional system of the app is via an algorithm. This algorithm operates secretly on the camera codes and changes the way your camera functions.

Nomao app: Nomao Camera app for Android iOS

The latest Nomao app is basically a prank application. It works in both the platforms of Android and iOS. The application is very easy to use and operate. It just adds some fun to your smart phone camera. If your device in based on either of the platforms, be it Android or iOS, you get to check the enlisted downloading and installation procedure for each in particular.

Nomao Camera application for Android

The apk file of the Nomao camera app for Android can be easily downloaded and installed from the link given below. But before that getting it to run successfully in your Android device you need to follow the pinned in steps accurately.

  • Letting the apk file to get downloaded in your device check whether the unknown sources option in the security settings of your device is enabled or not. If not then make it enable by flipping the round switch appeared beside the unknown sources option.
  • Your device is now ready to receive the apk file from the linked in unknown source. Tap on the link to precede a quick and easy download of the Nomao app apk.
nomao app installation
nomao app installation
  • This will take few minutes as the downloading process depends on the speed of your internet connection. Wait patiently until you receive the notification that notifies you regarding the completion of the download.
  • Tap open the file to continue with the installation of the apk file. For that you need to get agreed with the mentioned terms and conditions of the app apk. Agreeing with the appeared terms and conditions you allow the installation of the apk file on your device.
  • Wait for next few seconds for successful installation. As the process gets completed you get a notification that instructs you to open, run and enjoy the ride of the Nomao app via your smart camera.

Nomao Application for iOS

The Nomao app is actually not available for your iOS devices. But still you get to use this amazing application in your iOS devices as well. Same as the above, you require getting through the steps pinned down.

  • To run the apk file into any iOS devices you need to install an emulator. Emulator makes your iOS platform to run as per the Android one. A link is mentioned for easy installation of any of the preferred iOS emulator. Select one of them and go through the process mentioned below.
  • Make your device ready to accept files from unknown sources by going to the security settings of your device. Tap on the link of the apk file and start downloading it.
  • This will take few minutes as it will depend on the speed of your internet connection. After that you will receive a notification notifying you about the completion of the downloading.
  • Tap on the received file and start the installation by agreeing upon all the terms and conditions of the apk file to run smoothly on your device.
  • This will again take few seconds and you will be notified as your iOS camera gets ready to run the Nomao app.

Nomao app: Nomao App Real or Fake

As said earlier, there is a huge debate regarding whether the application is real or fake. Well, it is true that the availability of Nomao camera Google play and Nomao app Apple Store is really hard to find. But refusing the Nomao app is obviously not true. The app is very much available but in apk file format.

So, if any of the smart phone or smart device user is willing to download and install the Nomao app then he or she can easily follow the above mentioned linked and follow the mentioned procedure. Uses of Nomao app are varied. It’s you to decide how you want to use the app. You can either use it for x raying what the person standing parallel to you is wearing or you can even detect any suspicious bag of holding a bomb inside. The choice is yours to make!