Download Nomao Camera App for iOS ( iPhone iPad iPod )

Some iOS users want a different camera App for their iOS Devices for long days. So here we will introduce Nomao Camera App for iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. which will work in all these devices. This is one type of prank app through which you can watch the area behind any object in a particular range. The wave length of the camera is covering in a particular range of area and thus you can view the behind scene of any object easily. The mobile screen is used to view the object using your phone integrated camera lens.

This is the actual place through which you can the information of this app clearly. So in this topic we will discuss about the downloading, installing and how to use this Nomao App iOS for your devices. Besides these we will discuss about the features of this app, so let’s start the discussion about it.

How to download Nomao for iOS and How to Install it?

This is the complete guide about the steps to start download Nomao iOS app for your devices. Look at the below points to learn the downloading process of this camera app.

  • Open any one of the browser and search to download the Nomao App for your iOS device. Otherwise you can click on this LINK to start download the latest version of Nomao App for iOS.
  • When you click on the above link it will automatically redirect you to the download page and click to download the file on your laptop or direct in your iPhone, iPod or iPad etc.
  • Wait till the downloading will be completed successfully depending on your internet speed.
  • After downloading completed the file will save on your device memory or if you did by PC then it will save in the download folder of your PC.


Now after completing the download process it is the time to start install this app on your iOS devices. Let’s go through the points to start install it.

  • At first if you download this file via your PC then copy the file in your iPhone using iTunes. Otherwise the file will get save in your phone memory if you download it directly in your phone.
  • Now open the file on your phone and Click to start install it. Wait for few seconds until the installation process has been completed successfully.
  • The app icon will be create don your home screen. Now your app is ready to use on your iOS devices.

Features of Nomao Camera App:

Nomao App for iOS
Nomao App for iOS

Some of the features which are provided while using this app on your phone are mentioned below. So please read out the points before using it.

  • This app is supported in some of the iOS devices like iPad, iPod (latest model), iPhone 3GS/4/4S/SE/5/6/6 Plus/7/7 Plus.
  • The user interface of this app is very much simple to use.
  • You can make funny X-ray of objects from a preferred range.
  • This is a type of prank app which we guess in real.
  • For some security reason this app is not available in official store of iOS so you can go through the above link to download it safely.

Hope this information will help you all in every steps to install and download free Nomao App for iPhone and other iOS devices. Those who want some new camera app for iOS then definitely go for it. But this is not an actual photography app so you just use it for Prank only as we informed you earlier. If you want any actual camera app for you iPhone then definitely go to the iTunes store to get it now. So that’s it for the Nomao App which you can use as a prank app on your iOS.

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